Giving Thanks

I wonder whether, like me, you have been spending time in prayer asking God to send rain.  To fill dams and water tanks, to put out fires, to spark re-growth, to provide for the future. If you have, have you been spending as much time in prayer giving thanks for the rain that God has … [Read more…]

Understanding the Issues

I’d like to talk about Israel Folau, and yet not really talk about Israel Folau. Rugby Australia yesterday determined that he had committed a high level breach of their code of conduct, so that has put him back into the news. For those who haven’t followed (or even noticed), Izzy quoted a Bible passage on … [Read more…]

Easter is Coming

Easter is only a few weeks away now, but if you look for cultural clues as to its arrival, the first hot cross buns and easter eggs started filling the shelves of the supermarkets in late January. It can be easy to get upset at the commercialisation of Easter, even if the extent of that … [Read more…]

Stopping another Massacre

Coming home after a long break, the first news I was greeted with stepping off the plane was that there was an horrific massacre in New Zealand, perpetrated by an Australian.  He has killed 50 people at two mosques.  This is nothing but a terrible disaster, and one we should all mourn. Even from a … [Read more…]

The Best a Man Can Get?

The latest kerfuffle in the social landscape is the new Gillette ad which is aimed against ‘toxic masculinity’. Leaving aside the questions of how much masculinity it takes to be toxic, whether there is such a thing as toxic femininity, or even what masculinity actually is, we need to understand what is happening in our … [Read more…]

China’s efforts to Crush Christianity

Once again, the news web-sites have stories of the oppression of Christianity in China.  These appear fairly regularly, and in secular sources, not religious ones.  The latest is here- The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is determined to ensure that there are no competing ways of thinking or existing, no competition for people’s affections and loyalty, … [Read more…]

Holy smoke! Carols turn green

This story appeared in the newspaper today. Apparently some churches and Christians have been involved in re-writing carols to highlight global warming (sorry, climate change) and protest the burning of coal. Regardless of what you think about the particular issue, the thing I find disturbing is the watering down of the news about Jesus in … [Read more…]