The Church in need of attention and prayer

One of the things that consistently annoys me is the absolute focus – to the exclusion of pretty much all else – that some Christians have on what is happening in Israel and the Middle East.  There are conventions, speakers, tours, and a seemingly unending focus on this topic on some Christian radio stations.

All the while, there is a huge need for attention and prayer on churches in almost every other part of the world – and particularly in China.

You may not have noticed, as the news articles tend to be a long way from the top on news websites, but there is a huge and sinister movement against Christians and churches in China.  The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has banned sales of the Bible until Bibles are ‘sinocised’ – made to endorse the values of the CCP.

Christians, and members of other religious communities (such as Muslims) are being detained in ‘re-education’ camps to brainwash them into embracing and endorsing CCP values and policies, and altering or rejecting their religious beliefs.

Churches are being demolished, church leaders are being arrested and detailed.  Churches deregistered.  Even the Roman Catholic Church has agreed to allow the CCP to have a determining voice over who is appointed a bishop (overseer) in China (which is gobsmacking both in the demand and the Pope’s agreement to it).

This is a sustained, comprehensive, spiritual, physical and political attack on those who have faith in Jesus and seek to worship and follow him.  On a greater number of Christians than exist in the USA.  And yet the focus of too many Christians (as I hear on the radio) is US power and policy in the Middle East, and conspiracy theories surrounding what happens there.

Turn your attention and prayers to those in need, our brothers and sisters facing terrible persecution and spiritual attack in China.  Call on God to protect his people, and grant them the endurance and perseverance they need to keep their focus on their saviour in the middle of it all.

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