Surviving Change

Do you sometimes get the feeling that everything is changing?  If you think back over the last couple of years, there are all sorts of things that are changing.  We are constantly told, and can see, that a Trump presidency in the USA is changing the way diplomacy is conducted.  We are seeing it change trade relations around the world, and a trade war with China, and are told that this will change our economy.  We are told about climate change, and the changes it is leading to on our country and agriculture.  Changes to the definition of marriage, changes to the idea of religious freedom, changes of Prime Ministers in Australia (over and over again without elections), changes to the culture on university campuses, changes to the standing of churches and public institutions, changes to the way we use media and technology, the death of democracy, the rise of China, the list is endless.

And the thing that always accompanies discussions of change is advice on how to get ahead of the curve and come out on top when the changes have changed everything!  From the old tried and true advice to store food and water and relocate to remote places (anyone remember Y2K, and countless other scares since?), to investment advice (which miraculously always seems to be that now is the time to buy shares and property), to changes in lifestyle, food fads, new apps to change your life, new skills, new something else.

Someone is always trying to sell you a way to stay ahead of change.

The proper alternative to trying to change yourself in response to all this change is to focus on what is lasting, instead of what is temporary.  Because change only tells you about things that are temporary – regardless of how much people say that what we are changing to will last.

What lasts is the things that God has built into creation.  The fact that all creation depends on God.  The fact that God created men and women, different but complementary.  The fact that people are sinful, and every aspect of their being and character is corrupted by sin – that we aren’t good by nature.  That we are all need of salvation from God’s judgement, and that Jesus is the only way to receive that salvation.

You may have ideas about how to prepare for the future, how to survive the changes that are happening or going to happen.  Education, saving, investment strategies, business practices, technology, hoarding supplies, or whatever it may be.

But the only way that you can be properly prepared is to focus on what is real and true regardless of all the changes that happen.  And that is to focus on Jesus.  Regardless of whether Jesus, and what he says, is in or out of fashion.  To study the scriptures, know God, and follow Jesus.  Because what he provides is lasting, and does not change except to get better and better as you know and love him more and more.

Surviving change is about focusing on what lasts and does not change – and only Jesus lasts forever without change.

Spend a bit more of your time focusing on him.  Its more important than anything else you might feel the need to focus on, and you’ll never regret the time you spend do that.

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