Giving Thanks

I wonder whether, like me, you have been spending time in prayer asking God to send rain.  To fill dams and water tanks, to put out fires, to spark re-growth, to provide for the future.

If you have, have you been spending as much time in prayer giving thanks for the rain that God has been sending and is sending to the eastern states?

Sometimes it’s easy to pray for things we or others need, and devote quite a lot of effort to it.  But when God answers those prayers, it’s even easier to think “job’s done” give a quick prayer of thanks, and then continue on asking for things we need.  More rain.  Rain in different places.  Different types of rain.  To please stop the rain now.

Most of us, I suspect, have our balance wrong when it comes to prayers.  We don’t actually spend much time thanking God, praising God, and expressing our gratitude for the way that God mercifully answers and responds to the requests of sinners, because of the salvation work of Jesus.  And I wonder whether that springs from a sense of entitlement (that God should be giving us things we don’t actually deserve), selfishness (that we are always looking for what we think God should do for us), a grasping at God’s position (where we think we know exactly what the world needs, when and in what measure), or a combination of all of these.

Whatever the cause, we need to keep reminding ourselves of our dependance on God, the sinfulness of our hearts and the world we live in, its deserved judgement, and God’s incredible and unwarranted mercy.

When we keep these things in view, we’ll spend more of our prayer time (and our general conversation time) talking about the goodness of God and our thankfulness to him.

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