Learn to Forgive Yourself ….

It has become pretty fashionable to talk about learning to forgive yourself, or learning to love yourself.  I wonder if you have heard that, or maybe even said that yourself. Not to put too find a point on it, I think that these expressions are some of the most self-absorbed non-sense that it is possible … [Read more…]


A happy family photo where you can see joy on people’s faces.  It often comes about from a special event, or a special holiday. I love seeing joy on the kids faces still, especially so in the every day things we do.  Jokes. Funny stories.  Looking at something special that crosses our paths in the … [Read more…]

Church Attendance and Faith

I with respect to the recent census results on religious affiliation, I recently commented that “I’d expect to see these numbers drop considerably as time goes on – because the headline figure of 52% of Australians identifying as ‘Christian’ vastly overstates the number of people heading to churches”, and I thought that this warranted some more … [Read more…]