Attitudes To The Law

I have recently realised something, and I have no idea why I never noticed it before. Perhaps it is because the whole area around the covid situation has brought a number of personality traits to the fore, combined with on-going discussions about the Old Testament laws. The thing I have realised is this: The people … [Read more…]

Being Thankful

How many things that you used to take for granted are now gone? The freedom to just go out when you want, or visit your friends when it suits?  The ability to buy anything you want from the shops and have it available?  Lack of limits on purchases? The list could go on and on. … [Read more…]

Giving Thanks

I wonder whether, like me, you have been spending time in prayer asking God to send rain.  To fill dams and water tanks, to put out fires, to spark re-growth, to provide for the future. If you have, have you been spending as much time in prayer giving thanks for the rain that God has … [Read more…]