Surviving Change

Do you sometimes get the feeling that everything is changing?  If you think back over the last couple of years, there are all sorts of things that are changing.  We are constantly told, and can see, that a Trump presidency in the USA is changing the way diplomacy is conducted.  We are seeing it change … [Read more…]

Being or Doing

There is a big difference between being something, and doing something.  It might be the difference between doing something as a hobby, and actually being someone who is something.  For example, I may have farm animals (chickens) in my back yard, and feed them and collect the eggs, maintain their enclosure, but that doesn’t make … [Read more…]

Israel Again

This last week there was another little rumble about Israel Folau.  Once again there are people complaining about the ‘homophobic’ links he is posting, about his ‘preaching’, how he does this in defiance of Rugby Australia, and how he should stop it. I went to the trouble of watching the YouTube link to the talk … [Read more…]

Learn to Forgive Yourself ….

It has become pretty fashionable to talk about learning to forgive yourself, or learning to love yourself.  I wonder if you have heard that, or maybe even said that yourself. Not to put too find a point on it, I think that these expressions are some of the most self-absorbed non-sense that it is possible … [Read more…]


A happy family photo where you can see joy on people’s faces.  It often comes about from a special event, or a special holiday. I love seeing joy on the kids faces still, especially so in the every day things we do.  Jokes. Funny stories.  Looking at something special that crosses our paths in the … [Read more…]

Church Attendance and Faith

I with respect to the recent census results on religious affiliation, I recently commented that “I’d expect to see these numbers drop considerably as time goes on – because the headline figure of 52% of Australians identifying as ‘Christian’ vastly overstates the number of people heading to churches”, and I thought that this warranted some more … [Read more…]